Hey golfworks guys:

First of all been orderin shafts, supplies, grips, ferrules, epoxy, etc…for years from you guys from up here in northeast ohio…you guys are top notch. So I have an aldila rogue 95 black 60 in a stiff flex…68 gram weight…to be installed in a taylormade M2…in fact i came to this site for the adapter.

After reading about butt trim only shafts of which your W18 trim code indicates, I came across a lot of guys talking about adding lead tape to get the swing weight back up if you were going to butt cutt it.  Now I thought that was if you were butt trimming a driver that was already assembled with an OEM shaft or other.  I know you cant just hack the butt off and not affect swing weight.

However, if I bought this shaft uncut at 46 inches and after the adapter is installed and inserted into the head, I want to measure and cutt the butt end only (as per the W18 code) to play the driver at 44.75, I will be cutting a decent piece of the shaft off. If the W18 code is correct, I can cutt the butt end and not affect the shaft…or did I? I will essentially be taking a 68 gram shaft and if I cut say 2 inches off to get it to 44.75 on my club ruler…do i need to add weight to the head?  I know like 1/2 inch is like 3 sw points, but I always thought a butt trim only shaft was able to be cut at the preferred playing length and not affect the profile or playability.  I’m so confused…if I need 12 sw points if I take approx. 2 inches off would I need to grams of weight to the head?

My question is…if a shaft is butt trim only (as per the W18 code)…can it be butt trimmed close to 2 inches and still retain playability.  Your trim codes say nothing of adding weight for butt trim only shafts.  I realize that the 68 gram raw shaft will essentially be lighter, but if a shaft is butt trim only, this should be ok…or is it?