Is it possible for one head to have a shorter C-dimension and a longer blade length vs another design that has a longer C-d but a shorter blade length….and both have the COG in the center of the face?

An example I’m looking at is the Maltby St-i and KE4 Tour+.  The St-i has a listed C-d of 1.553″ and blade length of 3.350.  The KE4 Tour+ is listed at 1.594″ and 3.295.

This differences are very small, but was wondering if they both are considered to have the COG in the center of the face, or is the Tour+ actually a fraction on the toe side?

Also, this was posted recently on another forum and was wondering if you have any insights in regards…

“I would never trust Maltby’s rating system for clubheads.  It is based on incorrect conclusions which were never verified by empirical scientific hit testing.  How do I know this –  Golf Digest asked me and two other OEM design engineers to research it and write a report on it several years ago, which we did to support our conclusions of its inaccuracy.  How did we get the information from which we wrote the paper – Maltby had sent complete data on it to Golf Digest in the hope the magazine would embrace it and use it in their articles about golf clubs.  Since GD had their reputation on the line concerning a decision to use this or not, they wanted a qualified peer review.”