I understand that the C4 was a lemon and didn’t sell 20 years ago, WHY not?

I only ask because I’ve watched on utube video about the C4 carbon face and how it compared to Taylormades carbon face New driver, the video shows that the C4 comparison was very good considering the 20 year gap. It was done in the UK on a golf course hitting both drivers off the Tee and then measuring the distance for each driver, the Taylormade Stealth lead on all holes except for one where the C4 lead btw 10 yards. This demonstration shows the C4 is not so far behind the Stealth, I decided I would try the C4 for myself so bought one on eBay. I’m wondering if you can shed more light on the C4 as I’m intrigued by it all, appreciate your feedback.

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 22, 2022