Bought this UT driving iron with a Callaway steel shaft, it didn’t like me hitting balls at all. I couldn’t hit it out of the middle with reg/stiff steel or graphite shafts, the other day I was fitting some grips and moved the head out of the way and thought what am I going to do with it. So it’s either put the original shaft back or try something else, so I go looking for a shaft that fits. Bugger the shaft in my old Ping Eye2+ “that I couldn’t hit either,” ONE iron is correct tip size, became a match made in heaven haha. The Ping 1 iron was black dot which is what suits me but I couldn’t hit it out of the middle, so I’m interested to know if you have any ideas on why that Ping shaft works so well with the Callaway driving iron head? I didn’t weigh the components and don’t want to do that now because I’m scared it won’t be same again put back together, I’m thinking it’s just blind luck, I was frustrated having a really nice Callaway driving iron that I bought cheap from a golfing buddy because he couldn’t hit it for $100 NZ and it was sitting in the shed… Appreciate any thoughts you have, cheers Colin

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 24, 2022