After a year-long case of the shanks, I shortened my 34-degree 7-iron from 36.75″ to 36″ hoping to hit the center of the club face more often. I’m striking the ball really well: solid, most times in the center of the club face. The balls seems to fly off the club face. But my launch angle is really high – between 29 and 31 degrees – and carry and overall distance is noticeably shorter. I’ve gone from hitting the 7-iron about 160 to 135. I’m seeing the same very high, shorter ball flight throughout the set (5-LW). I’m wondering if I’ve made the clubs too short, thus producing the higher launch angle and overall shorter distance.

7-iron specs:
Dynacraft Direct Line 002
Loft: 34*
Lie: 63*
Shaft: True Temper Steel Extra Light S-flex Low kick point 110g: 37″
7-iron club speed – about 48 mph
attack angle ranges from -5.8 to -6.8

Thanks in advance!


emdrown Unselected an answer August 30, 2021