I bought MP32 irons but not sure that’s what I got, all irons I’ve bought have a model name and or a number? I also bought MP57 irons and they have that stamped on them but not the MP32. I’ve searched Mizuno irons and all show the model code, I wonder if these are a special model but I’ve never played Mizuno before so no idea. It says on the hosel “Grain flow forged”

Can you help?

Appreciate your help, Cheers Colin

Bang69 Posted new comment September 19, 2022

If you emailed Mizuno pictures of the heads, wonder if they’d be of any help?

I’ve contacted Mizuno and waiting for them to reply, the seller said the stamping was removable that’s why not there now?

Removable stamping? So is he saying someone put these on a belt sander and then cleaned them up after that?

Received reply from Conner at Mizuno, he said maybe they were filled in and polished by someone. Hmmmm I asked what Mizuno actually does within there manufacturing process and I got guess work, so I thanked him with the appropriate response. So I’m none the wiser, I’m “guessing” he’s got no idea…