So I’ve attached another adapter to the Taylormade xrl8 shaft that broke at the end of the adapter ferrule about 2inches, I extended the butt by the recommended 1.5inches so I think playing length about 45inches. Ahh not sure I should tell you but I cut up an old steel shaft to get 3.5inches total and jammed it in there, fit really good no movement at all, I don’t epoxy because I may want to remove and use it as a fw shaft in the future. Ok, went to the driving range with my SIM driver and 6 shafts for Taylormade and asked about a club fitting using my shafts first. They were very helpful and said yes we can do it now and it’s FREE, unbelievable right but I said let’s do it. So I bought 50 balls warmed up and started hitting the different shafts from xstiff back to regular, my ball speed average was 137miles ph and the guy said the xstiff was no good and neither was the stiff even though my ball speed indicates stiff so that left my made up Reg xrl8 with the stiffened up tip. He changed lofts sliding weights until I’m hitting the longest carry as yet 213meters, but? Little control going left right with mostly fade bias and better still I could SEE the ball yeah had the cataract surgery and lens implant, amazing the depth in what we can see it’s breathtaking to anyone who’s not got good eyesight. So there’s a pattern developing with xstiff tip shafts that works well for me, how can I be sure what shaft has a stiff tip? I’m thinking I buy reg 56-60 grams uncut then I cut more off the tip to get the best result, or do you have a better solution? I’m beside myself that I’ve achieved this result and it’s maybe not the absolute best but for now it is, I was 32 years old and started to study full time doing boring Accounting and the Law lecturer said there’s more than one way to skin a cat and answering a question so I’ve tried to apply that to anything I wanted in this life. Appreciate your comments guy’s… Cheers Colin

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 19, 2022