Hi Britt, I picked up several different shafts from you guys recently with plans to make some fitting shafts using the Faz-Fit system, primarily to find a new shaft that will help smooth out my tempo but also to add into my existing fitting inventory. The instructions are clear, tip trim an additional 1.25″ to account for the length difference due to the adapters. I know that you had previously commented about wood shafts that would not normally be tipped and that they should follow the 1.25″ direction assuming that there is enough parallel section. Out of the shafts I picked up, several are .370″ tips with IR1 no trim codes (such as Nippon NS ProModus 3 Tour 130, .370″) and even a .355″T tip (such as Project X LX .355″). In your experience, after making these additional tip trims that would not normally be done, how close to a traditionally assembled (shaft epoxied to head) club/shaft combo would these fitting shafts perform? I’m assuming that a difference could be measured beyond just swingweight (CPMs or MOI, etc) but would the feel be noticeable? Is this a realistic comparison?

Also, with a traditionally assembled steel shaft/head setup, we would normally check bottom of bore to ground line and modify our tip trimming relative to the 1″ threshold. When using the ClubConex system, would you still follow this bottom of bore to ground line check and modify the tip trimming accordingly? Even if it is on a shaft with a no trim code?


Britt Lindsey Answered question October 23, 2020