I am looking at ording the club pak STI2 irons with graphite shafts for my son.  He turns 12 very soon and is 5’0.    He has some experience playing.    What is a good length adjustment for him?   Clearly standard length will be too long for him but I worry about going 2″ short that he could outgrow them quickly.

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 17, 2023

your sons strength, swing speed, and his abilities will play a big role in your choices.

I’d say build one club 1 1/2” under “standard” could be a good starting point. Have him hit it and if it doesn’t work, pull the grip and cut another 1/2” off of it.

Another idea could be have him go hit a ladies standard length iron. If he can hit that in the middle if the face you’ll have a hood starting point.