1. I’m currently playing AP1 714 irons, but am considering going forged (hit a friend’s forged irons and LOVED the feel) and have heard great things about Maltby irons. I’m an “OK” ball striker. Handicap 15. How does the forgiveness on say the TS2 compare to the AP1s? My miss tends to be more toe than anything. Would another of the Maltby clubs be a better choice than the TS2 for my skill level?

I don’t mind the AP1s, but would like a little more feedback from the clubface when it comes to mishits. Having two gap wedges in the AP1 set is also causing gap issues on the other end of my bag, so I’d prefer a more traditional set with just the one gap wedge so I can fit in another fairway wood or hybrid.

2. If I were to order say a 7 iron to try it out and see how I like it, if I then decided to go ahead and buy a full set would I need to buy a complete set (including another 7 iron) or do you have some kind of deal in place where I wouldn’t have to pay for another 7 iron?