I have reshafted my fair share of irons over the years and have never had this problem. Recently, I reshafted a set of irons using steel shafts, Tour Set Epoxy (PSSE), and shafting beads as some of the irons had a little wiggle room in the hosels. i made sure the temp in the room was hovering around the 75-80 degree mark so everything cured properly. This was a few weeks ago and I have used the clubs in a few range sessions and one round since then. Today, I just happened to twist the head in one hand while holding the grip in the other on one of the clubs and I heard a couple of clicks or crackle type noise. After twisting it a couple of times the noise stopped. Checked the rest of the clubs I reshafted and about half of them make the same type of noise which stopped after a few twists as well. Some more pronounced than others. There was no movement in the head/shaft bond in any of the clubs from what I could tell. The room where I store my clubs is on the colder side but the curing time was in a warm room.

Any idea what this could be? Am I looking at pulling the set apart and starting over? Thank you.

Jagall75 Answered question November 13, 2021