Are the custom build options through the custom shop online limited to only what can be selected when going through the menu? For instance, if I want to build a set of DBM Tru Forged irons with FST shafts I’m limited to the 90 and 115. If I were to want the FST Pro 125, how would I add that to my custom build? Or if I wanted other options for the Maltby Pure-Track Tour Milled PTM-5 Mallet Putter other than what is offered in the Putter Pak. Is there a way to customize this putter to my liking?

I’m also curious about custom shop options in general. Are we limited to only what is available and can be selected online, or is there a way to mix and match anything that Maltby sells? Thanks!!!

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 22, 2021