Britt, was curious about sending the shop some ferrules for a custom shop build/assembly?   Is that possible?  If so how would I go about arranging it?  I already have the ferrules.

Also, is there a standard cost for a build that’d include swing weighting without the use of tip weights?   Hand picked heads/shafts maybe?

Planning a TS3/MaxMilled 5-60⁰ build.



QuickFeet Posted new comment April 21, 2023


I built a set (4-GW) of Forged DBM’s last June.  At “standard length” using a 71 gram shaft (uncut) and a 50-51 gram grip, I didn’t have to add more than 4 grams of weight at the tip to hit D2.5 SW through the set.  It would be nice if the heads being made today (not just Golfworks) were 4 to 6 grams heavier as I would prefer to drill a couple of grams out of the hosel.  But the weight I added had no effect on the feel and playability of the Forged DBM’s.  They are a great set of irons; I’m sure your TS3’s will be awesome as well.