What’s the deal with the new TE+ and DBM+ iron head listings? Are there going to be revised heads for the prior models being released and the older versions discontinued?

moonglade Posted new comment February 14, 2023

I think I just saw why you posted the question. We had the TE+ and DBM+ place holders live on the site, along with a few others. We are removing them for now. We have to build the content and test it, but the TE+ and DBM+ should not be live at this time. Sorry for the confusion.
Britt Lindsey

What’s the realistic difference going to be between the KE+, DBM+, and the TS3 vs the legacy models? To me, the TS3 just appears to be a more modernized KE Forged with stronger lofts and a mildly better MPF rating.

I fear that these new clubs are only going to be going the way of continuing stronger lofts.