Hello, I am considering the DMB irons and am deciding which shaft would be best.  Currently play Ping I10’s with AWT Regulars (approx 98g shaft that ascends in weight through the set) and the long irons feel too light.  I miss to the right a lot and topping the ball/thin hitting with the lighter long irons.  Typically I hit my 9iron and up ok (heavier shafts).   I just switched to a stiff 64g driver shaft with about 230 yds carry so I am looking to get a new set of irons with Stiff shafts at about 110-120g shaft weight (not worth reshafting the Pings IMO).  I considered s300’s but I think they might be heavy in the long irons for me, I hit a friends Titleist 695cb 7 iron to get a feel.

The Score’s have some good reviews and the price is awesome.  How do they compare to the Nippons regarding flex and ball flight?  If its close I’d probably save the $ and use the Scores.  I don’t want a ball that’s too high, just mid trajectory is fine. Been seeing lots of comments the DMB’s hit high due to the low COG.  I hit the Ping’s pretty high right now.

I plan to get a 5 iron and test out both shafts, just interested in opinions.

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 23, 2020