Basically as stated above, I was wondering if there has been any discussion or decisions made on left handed options in the near to mid future. I do understand that we lefties are not as prevalent, and that it doesn’t always make financial sense to offer a bunch of club styles for lefties when the profits won’t cover the cost, but as it currently is, we only have one type of club available in each category, and they all are more of the high handicap game improvement style of club, and the designs are a bit on the older side. In particular, I would love to replace my wedges, but the KE4 LE’s are nearing a decade in age at this point. I’d also like to replace my STi2’s within a few years with something more akin to the TS series. But I do understand this may not make sense for you guys. I just really appreciate the work that Golfworks does and am interested to hear if my upgrade hopes happen to fit into the company’s plans. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

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