In reading Mr. Maltby’s “Golf Club Fitting and Performance Book” and reviewing his “Golf Tips, Tricks and Techniques – DVD” he references the center finger of the golfer’s lower grip hand will be 5 inches down from the grip cap. Frequency meters also have a 5-inch clamp. My question is about any relationship between the 5-inch clamp and extended shaft length if someone with large hands (like myself) have the middle finger on the lower grip hand further down the shaft that the 5-inch clamp or Mr. Maltby’s 5-inch grip reference. The middle finger of my lower right hand (Vardon overlapping grip) centers out about 6.5 inches down from the grip cap (CP2 Jumbo grips).

On page 308 of his book Mr. Maltby references the effect of lengthening and shortening clubs on shaft flex by 1/3 for each 1/2 inch added length. This likely has a basis in the CPM measurements as shafts are measure longer or shorter. Does the 5-inch clamp also have correlation with the approximate 5-inch center of the lower hand? Then the question is, with my large hands and my right lower grip hand being effectively being 1.5 inches lower on the club than the 5-inch clamp measure will that have any effect in negating the weakening of shaft flex with added length? I have played +1 to +1/2 inch over standard length. I am now playing 38.5 inch 5-iron with Recoil 95 F3 shafts.

Thank you for your time and assistance!