My mind has been reeling when it comes to correcting my excessive toe strikes with my driver. I rarely hit it out of the middle and never heel side. And my miss on strike is absurdly far out on the toe. Even standing close to the ball and changing ball position (which makes me really change my swing and smother the ball) hardly does it. I play a power fade even with the toe strike. I’ve bounced around with a few drivers over the last 2 years.

1- Exotics exs220 12 degrees ust mamiya proforce black xstiff 44.5 inches D1 SW

2-Maltby Ke4tc 11 degrees kuro kage silver xstiff 44.5 D1 SW

I have played a shorter driver thinking it would produce more control, but I remember back to my off the shelf days when I didn’t think about club building and fitting and I played a 12 degrees sldr at 46″ and I remember lots of heel strikes. Those were my better driving days to be honest. I play to low to mid single digit handicap, launch it low hence the 11-12 degree head. I have good speed I’m in the upper 1teens to 120 low SS.

Do you think a longer driver and heavier swing weight would produce that much of a drastic strike location on the face?

I’m contemplating building the the new Ke4 tcmax at 45-45.5″ with like a d3-d4 SW. I see that ping g430 has stock d3 SW.

Any thoughts?

theblake7 Answered question February 1, 2023