I’m really torn on what driver to get- My swing speed 84-90 mph. Carry distance 180-205. I have a slice but working on it. I was leaning towards a closed faced angle like the M890, then I was considering the STW for the draw bias setup- But now I am really liking the idea of the adjustability of KE4 tour as I practice and improve. Had a fitter suggest 10-11 degree loft based on launch angles (but it was just limited data I had sent from my Mevo). I usually shoot mid to high 90’s. Is the KE4 for better players? Because I would also want forgiveness and playability. But if the KE4 works for players at my level it would be best so I can adjust as I improve swing- but if Stw2 or others are better suited then I would lean that way. Any guidance much appreciated.

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 12, 2021