I want to extend my putter’s length to 39 inches ( it is a 33 inch Axis Rose style putter) to make it an arm lock putter. I putt side saddle now, I have been fighting the yips for the last 4 years and have found that putting side saddle and using an arm lock length putter has been the cure I am looking for. By putting side saddle I am avoiding the forward press necessary with most standard arm lock styles, so I don’t feel that I am in need of changing the loft of the putter. My concern is in changing the balance point of the shaft. Will this have an effect on my putting? Do you recommend using a counter weight? Or is that really necessary by adding 6 inches to my shaft. Will the JumboMax 17 inch arm lock grip I intend to use serve as my counter balance? The side saddle putting with an arm lock putter almost gives me a broom stick style of putting.

Britt Lindsey Answered question July 6, 2021