I’m 66 yearls old and have an index of 17.  I was a 12 index about 5 years ago but got some vertigo which has adversely affected my golf, mostly my driving.  My iron play is generally alright and the vertigo has been resolving of late.  Shot a 90 yesterday and wasted 5 shots on bad chipping, which is not my norm.  I am pretty fit but have noticed a 10% recution in my distance this year.  I have some tendonitis in my left elbow and thumb.  I am thinking of going to test a set of graphite shafts in my irons.

I hit my 7 iron 150 yards, and I use R shafts.   I currently have 2 sets of irons:  KE4S and TS2.  KE4S has 90 gram KBS steel shafts that they used to make for Taylormade, that I got on a great deal.  TS2 has KBS C-Taper Lite at 105 grams, again procured on a great deal from a friend.  I like the C-Taper but they were pulled from a set of Golf Smith irons, but with the the difference in hosel bore to ground between the GS heads and the TS2 the shafts are acutally about 1/3 inch short for me in the TS2.  I am loathe to use a shaft extender for such a small measure.   Lately I have been playing the KE4 irons and liking them and the lighter shafts. With some distance loss and tendonites I am thinking of dropping some graphite shafts into the TS2s as a test to see how they perform.

With the cost of shafts I was looking at the Graphtec Lite at a mere $14.99.  Gets good reviews.  Would this work for me or should I look at a higher cost, higher performance grahite iron shaft?


statechamp Edited comment October 16, 2022

The graftech are good shafts but I wouldn’t call them great. I’d be looking more towards britts suggestion of the rapport, or the Maltby pro series, and take a look at the kinetixx.

Nobody says you have to buy a full set of shafts, maybe try a graftech and the rapport in 2 clubs and see which one hits better for you?

Use the MPF for the shafts and see where you line up? Using these numbers is a great starting point.