I recently purchased The Golfworks Grip Kit from Dicks Sporting Goods.  The two-sided tape strips supplied with kit barely stick to my the steel shaft of my club.  When I apply the solvent prior to sliding on the new grip, the tape falls off the shaft.  I have tried two strips so far with the same results.  I have installed dozens of grips in the past and know the importance of thoroughly cleaning the shafts before applying the new tape.  I contacted The Golfworks Customer Service today describing the problem.  They were unwilling to send replacement strips since I purchased the kit from Dicks. The representative told me I’d have to exchange it at Dicks.  I explained the closest store is 50 miles away.  Any suggestions?

JayZee Posted new comment July 31, 2020

I’ve had similar issues with tape not sticking if there were any traces of grip solvent left on the shaft. Try wiping the section of the shaft that you are applying the tape to, with acetone or thinner and then apply your tape.