Hi! I currently game a stock 34″ Wilson Infinite Bean putter. I have read up on the Maltby method for checking for correct putter length. It allowed me to pinpoint why I have been so uncomfortable with my putting setup, because by default I grip the putter toward the top of the grip. I end up with a bit of a chicken wing setup with my arms. When I let my hands hang down naturally to see where they want to fall on the grip, it is much further down to where my lower hand’s index finger is touching the bottom of the grip (I’m a left hand low putter). I’ve played one full round by setting up this way, and it might be anecdotal but the results were much better and comfort level higher.

It looks like 1.25″ could come off. This specific putter comes with a 104 gram grip for counter balancing but it’s heavily worn by now so it could use replacing. Swing weight is D6.

If I take this putter into my local club repair professional, how should I word the work request? Is it as simple as asking him to butt trim 1.25″ and install a new ~104 gram grip and swing weight back to D6?

I want to make sure I know what I’m asking for and considering all of the relevant variables.


Britt Lindsey Answered question June 9, 2021