I have a Taylormade SIM driver head which I’ve tried several different shafts in without much success, as I’ve got a Rapsodo launch monitor that has a video of each and every ball I’ve hit. I’ve been looking at all the videos trying to see what help they can be to me, and after a lot of study I think it’s showing me my swing and ball flight off the club face. I’ve started using Red balls in the nets as I can see them easier, so with the various shafts I’ve hit so far I’ve seen my miss which is straight left and little miss to the right. Yesterday I hit the 46.5inch Harrison long drive stiff graphite shaft with Warrior 7-5* loft, I hit it straighter than the other shafts regular stiff xstiff. I can quite clearly see where the ball is striking the nets, being only 7.5* loft that surprised me and my miss is not as far left. I’m thinking it’s the shaft rather than the head, but I’m wondering if it’s the extra length of the shaft and if I remove the shaft and fit a Taylormade adapter will the benefits I’m seeing transfer to a Taylormade SIM head and give me even more benefit. Or is it better to extend another shaft and see if that works before I remove the Harrison shaft… Please advise, really appreciate your advice. Cheers Colin

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 28, 2022