I have a set of Taylor Made Aero Burner irons with Graphite shafts that I have to extend and am having problems finding the right extentions.. The oversize extentions are to big, the regular size extentions are to small, they wobble around inside the shaft.The OD of the Aero shafts. some are .600″ and 620″ anyone one have any ideas on what to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe   Please send any ideas to my email at  patty4482@cox.net

ace1car1998 Edited comment March 10, 2022

If you have access to old steel shafts, you will need as many as the clubs you wish to extend. Pull the grips and grip tape off the taylor made clubs. Cut half the steel shaft off, insert the butt end piece down the graphite shaft until it stops due to fitting the but diameter of the graphite shaft. Mark the union with a marker or tape. Pull out and cut off 2″ below mark. Hot glue in place and cut to final desired club length. Using masking tape to build up steel shaft to same diameter as graphite. Then regrip club. Do same for all shafts and they will all fit perfectly.
Having read Britt’s comments, I must say that after 24 years of club repair, I have not had one shaft break due to a steel shaft extension being used. granted if you extend several inches, it would be a problem. To add an inch or so which is what normally occurs, not so. Nor have I ever had the hot glue fail to hold the extension in place, plus removal is much easier and faster than using other adhesives.
I do appreciate your feedback, Britt.

I have to disagree with the advice Scott is giving. We never recommend using steel extensions in graphite shafts, and never recommend using “hot glue” to install. Just not the proper proper material or procedure. The steel shaft inside the graphite composite will cause a shear point and can/will over time cause damage and possibly breakage to the graphite shaft.
Britt Lindsey