I have really wanted to try a set of hollow body irons and with the ts1 and ts2 on run out sale, I’m going to build myself a new set.

I’m a 10 handicap – longish hitter (for a weekend player!) And good short game, irons are definitely my weak point.

Currently play the 2005 taylormade rac lt irons. Like the look and have tried many modern irons and always go back to them. Pw carry is 120 yards, smoother swing these days after too many spinal surgeries.

Looking for an iron that flies high and straight and stops, had a hit with the original p790s and apex and found them a bit low and not enough spin to hold greens.

I like the overall look of both the ts1 and 2. My only concern is the thickness of the top line in the ts2 – mainly in the shorter clubs. I can live with a thicker iron in the longer irons.

How do the ts2 pw and gw look in the real world? As thick as the rest of the set?

Was thinking of making a combo set with ts1 pw and gw and ts2 for the rest. I don’t need the extra length of the ts2 but figure they are more forgiving? Or am I better just with a full set either way?

Appreciate any feedback

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 2, 2024