For the last few years, my life had gotten quite busy so I’d stopped playing golf or even practicing. But recently I’ve decided to start playing again, and with that I’m looking to upgrade my long irons. I currently play a 3 hybrid and 4-9 Wilson FG-51 blades. I’m fine from the 6i down, but I want to add some higher launching 4i and 5i. My 4i and 5i are 24* and 28* with DG S300, and while I want to keep similar lofts I’d likely put in slightly lighter shafts (in the 110-120g range).

But if we’re just talking about the club head itself, assuming the same lofts (24* and 28*), how do the Maltby irons rank from lowest to highest launch? While I’d prefer player-looking irons due to the lower offset, I’m open to using almost any designs.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!