Specifically this is for a Macgregor Bobby Grace DCT 1 Face-Off.  The thin titanium face was separating from the black backing insert.   It appears the metal was attached with a very thin, clear adhesive tape, whether original or not.  I have managed to remove the metal cleanly and the tape on the black backing but want to do what is best for the reinstall.  However there is a different, clear backing in the sweet spot area.  The tape is strongly adhered to that material and I am hesitant to use acetone on the backing material.  I was able to just use alcohol to clean up all the other surfaces.

So two questions:

  1. Has anyone any experience with this club face and/or this adhesive tape removal?  I assume it is similar to an Odyssey Metal X face (which I also have, but with no problems)
  2. Assuming I can get the remaining tape off (or even if I cannot), looking for suggestions on how best to reinstall the titanium face layer, ideally with no gaps/dead spots…

thx, Brian

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 19, 2021