If we set up a hybrid and iron,  with the same loft,  headweight, shaft length, and grip,    the hybrid will go further because of a hot face. But how much?    Yeah it depends on clubhead speed.

Tom Wishon has published the math formula online to calculate this difference, but i need to know a COR example,  can you tell me approximately what this is for your KE4 Tour TC H4 (22 degrees) hybrid? (because thats the one i might get next)

Apparently the COR for a conventional iron is .77 to .79, and If i am not mistaken the simplified math will be:

Ball speed = X*(1.Y/1+(45.93/Z))

X = Clubhead speed mph


Z = head weight grams

A conventional iron head of 240g and 85mph clubhead speed = 127mph ball speed

If the same hybrid has a max COR of 0.83,  then it increases ball speed by 3.5mph,  so approx 6.4 yards longer

Britt Lindsey Answered question August 3, 2021