What are some things that can be done to avoid shaft buzz?  (you hold the club near the hosel and thump the grip end to the ground – if you’ve done it right there’s no buzzing vibration … me … yeah, buzzing.)

I’m using .370 graphite shafts.  For the latest build I used centering beads because I like the way the clubhead doesn’t slide around so that I can carefully line up the head and shaft.  I put the epoxy mix down into the hosel and on the shaft.  Maybe I didn’t put enough down into the hosel.

What tips might you have to avoid shaft buzz?


Not Related:  I made up a set of STi2 irons and really like them.  But I didn’t really like the color of the gold-ish circle on the back.  I traced a penny on blue reflective tape and it was the perfect size.  I used a black sharpie to black out the gold-ish lines.  When I put the tape on I put soapy water on the club and put the tape in soapy water.  This way you can move it around a bit before it sticks permanently.   Yeah, I’m anal about the cosmetics.  The buzzing is with a set of TE forged, you can imagine how much that drives me nuts.

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 15, 2021