I’m having a set of DBM’s built and am considering replacing the 3i and 4i with the STh2 hybrids. The 4h would be to replace the 4i and 3h would be more of a fairway wood/3i replacement. Should I be matching the hybrid lofts to the respective irons they are replacing? Or should I be replacing the irons with the hybrids that are listed as 4h and 3h? My confusion is that the DBM’s have lofts of 21 degrees for the 3i and 23 degrees for the 4i. the STh2 3h has a loft of 18 degrees and the 4h is 21 degrees. FWIW I’m going to have both built with steel shafts and at iron lengths. I’m also a high handicapper and am open to any other suggestions to build by bag in regards to the above.

bigterp Posted new comment April 13, 2021

If you were going to stay lock step with the lofts the H4 and H5 would fit perfectly.
Some players can get much better performance with a hybrid. Easier to hit, higher launching, they might go quite a bit further than direct loft to loft irons.
Ideally you would want to to try them out in the wild to work out how you want to fill gaps in your bag.
Its fairly difficult to be exact with these hybrids and I generally use them to get me within an easy chip range on a par 5. Good luck.

Thanks Popeye. I was eyeing the 4h and 5h as my 3i and 4i replacement based on the loft comparisons. These would be my clubs for long approach shots off the deck. Then the 18 degree 3i as basically my 5/7W replacement for off the tee on short par 4’s and off the deck when I need the extra distance. Not really considering these “approach” clubs, so not too concerned with height/spin for holding greens. Just looking for something more forgiving and easier to hit when I’m 200+ out versus a 3 or 4i. I’ve never gotten along well with woods off the tee, but hit them decently off the deck. Figured the STh2 would be a good fit for me.

What do you think about me shafting these with the same shaft as my irons (FST Pro 125) and at the corresponding iron length? The head weights match up almost exactly of the corresponding DBM iron. Thinking the steel shafts and shorter lengths will make them more controllable and easier to hit for me versus longer length and graphite shafts.