I want to build my new set of clubs, which will be the first time I’ve done this before. I am confused about the size of the shaft to use.  I’m building a complete set of hybrids to replace all my irons, from 3 to pitching wedge, and I’m using graphite shafts instead of steel.  My current set has steel shafts 1.5″ longer than standard, which I’ve come to prefer. I might actually like even longer, to be honest.

Anyway, using the Golfworks ruler, it says standard length per iron is about .5″ longer than the standard steel club length.  So should I go 2″ over standard (steel standard) with my new set of full hybrids?  The Gofworks ruler suggests an even longer club for hybrids, which these technically are, though they are a full set from 3 to pitching wedge.  Should I use that standard and add 1.5″ to it?  Thoughts?

Britt Lindsey Answered question July 6, 2021