I have two different Maltby irons:

Gamer TE Forged 5i lofted to 28* with Dynamic Gold R300 taper tip across 10 swings, 104.6 ball speed, 21.6* launch, 4965 spin, 146.4 carry

Demo club STi2 6i lofted to 28* with Maltby MPF Pro stiff across across 12 swings, 102.7 ball speed, 22.8* launch, 5141 spin, 142.2 carry

The TE forged is the clear winner in this comparison, but I am interested to find a little more forgiveness than the TE forged offers and would like to bring the ball flight down.  I know I have a high launch problem that would best sorted out by working with a professional, but I have the swing ingrained and changing will be difficult.

What other heads in the Maltby line up may help me launch the ball lower with the swing I have?



Britt Lindsey Answered question September 18, 2020