My basic swing is to sweep the ball.  I know my angle of attack is pretty shallow and my compression suffers some because my face contact is too low.  Typical 7i CHS is 76MPH and ball speed is 106.  Height is 75ft.  Distance off the tee is 150/55 carry but off the turf is 140.  These numbers are very similar for Ping G400, Maltby TE (both of those sets have shafts that weigh around reg. 105 grams.  I also have a set of Cobra AMPs with TT DG s300 and get similar results.  I play to a 9-12 handicap.

Looking to build a set of irons that can help achieve better compression on turf contact. (yea I know I need to get a little steeper AOA)  Is there a head would you recommend that could possibly help compression even if my AOA does not improve?  Would soft stepping the DG S300 shafts help?


theblake7 Answered question July 8, 2022