I am sure this has been asked before but wanted to hear from some people who use or have used Maltby irons.  I currently use Cobra Amp Forged irons, but after having two kids, do not get to practice enough and keep up my game.  When playing more often, I would score in the high 80’s to low 90’s and was consistent with my irons.  My rounds this past year, have had horrible iron play, and want some more help from the actual iron.  I know practice and lessons would definitely help, but just looking for some basic advice on the Maltby iron lineup as I don’t want to spend major brand money.  I don’t really need too much help with distance, as with my 7 iron (33 degree) I hit about 165-170.  Any help would be appreciated and look forward hearing from the experts on here.  I like the looks of the TE Forged and PTM as well.