Hello Britt. I have a question. What is the difference between MMB and MMB-17 irons? There are photos of MMB heads and MMB-17 heads on the Internet (see attachment). Are they different clubs or the same? Do they have the same parameters? Is the second model a facelift of the first?

And I’d like to share with you some good news from Poland. It is related to my little dream and the search for the best of the best golf clubs :) Today at the driving range, I tried an unusual set of clubs (all 7 irons) for the first time, the heads of which I bought and made them into clubs with parameters appropriate for me (weight and length of the shaft, grip). Do you recognize them :) ? (see attachment)

Popeye Posted new comment October 6, 2022

That is an impressive lineup and surprisingly complete of thier offerings.
It would be very interesting if you could compile a data acquisition on all of the models.
Say do 10 shots with each club and compare data. Then add personal comments on each design.
I could almost duplicate your setup. I believe I would be two models short though.