I’m primarily interested in getting a fairway wood and maybe a driver someday (probably KE4 Tour TC). However, I am having difficulty choosing between shafts. I recently purchased a KE4 FDI 3-iron (21*) with the regular flex Maltby MPF shaft and truly like it. My specs for that build was 39″ length, D0 swing weight, and 1 degree up. I essentially went for a 3-iron replacement in my i15 set. I carry about 200 – 210 with that build and really like the trajectory, no ballooning. The MPF shafts do seem a little stiffer so I went with regular expecting it to stiffen up when getting cut down from the standard length of 40″ (I think that is standard for the FDI). I feel it’s sufficiently stiff for my relatively relaxed swing (smooth transition). I hit a stock Cobra Fly-Z+ driver with stock stiff shaft about 260 – 280 on average.

I just can’t find very much information regarding how the Kuro Kage, Tensi, Fujikura, UST, and Maltby offerings compare. Any insight or sources would be appreciated.


Britt Lindsey Answered question July 21, 2020