Hi Britt,

2 questions:

1) as the MCC plus 4 jumbo grips are out of stock, I tried the Winn Dritac LT recently and am not getting along with it due to it feeling too ‘squishy’. Are the CPX along the same lines? Are there other alternatives I could consider?

2) I tried the Rapport Hybrid Shaft with FDI 2 Iron in TS flex. I’m finding that I’m fading/even slicing the ball when my natural shot shape is a draw. I use a PGI100 in my irons and I find the rapport to be a lot whippier? Is that the case? Do I need something quite abit stiffer to hit it better?

p.s. thanks so much for the 0 offset Moment XI putter. Stuck a SS 5.0 grip on and never had so much confidence on my 5ft putts and under. So stable and easy to use. Had many putters before this and tinkered a lot with weight as well but nothing comes close to the feel, stability and confidence im having with it.

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 27, 2022