My grandson who is 13 is starting to get more interested in golf.  I recently took him to a three hour golf clinic, just to see how much he enjoyed it.  Picked him up and he raved about how much he learned and that he really liked golfing.

So with the above being said, I told him that if he really likes the game, I get him a set to start with.  He is 13 years old, left handed, about 5’4″ at this time. ( I anticipate a growth spurt immediately after I get him clubs! )

My questions:  Knowing he will be growing over the next few years, Do I buy him used set off ebay to start, or build him a set.  The STi2 are the LH option at Golfworks (I have hit them and they are really nice)  If I build, for a younger golfer just starting out, what would a good shaft weight and flex be ?  Then, if I build, should I go half set ( like 5, 7, 9, G, S ) ?


Any/all advice is appreciated…

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Youngsters are extremely name brand oriented. So, I would go with a set of used clubs of his choice. Kids look in other kids bags to see what they are playing. If you can take him to a location with used clubs for him to choose from even better.