This isn’t a question, more of my commentary. I hate to admin but i have always been a Maltby skeptic due to whatever perceptions and biases that i had.

Built a Ke4 Max 8 iron with a Steelfiber i95CW R shaft and took it out to the backyard net and just flushed it a number of times. And although i couldn’t see the ball flight, i could tell the starting line was fairly straight compared to my JPX 921 Hot Metal irons. I’ve been used to living on the toe of my 921 hot metal irons and the irons before that. Not quite sure what it is about the KE 4 max, maybe that it has less offset and i am actually lining it up more square, or maybe because there is no tip weight in the hosel (i normally add tip weights because i play my irons -0.5″). but something is leading to better contact. my swing improving certainly wasn’t the reason, because i was hitting groups of shots back to back between irons.

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 6, 2022