I’m getting back into golf after a 20+ year hiatus. I was a pretty high handicapper, 25+. I play tennis at a high level, and I’ve always been a gear head. I’m interested in the KE4 Max irons and the idea of having one length for my irons, 5i to GW. Has anyone try this set up?

I’m testing out iron shaft right now. I got a KE4 Max 7iron in standard length (37.5″) with a Kuro Kage Black 2nd Gen shaft in R Flex. I’m spraying a bit, so I might need a stiffer flex. I’m actually thinking of getting a 5iron with the Maltby MPF shaft in R Flex at 37.5″ to try. I heard that the MPF shaft plays stiffer.

My concern is that I’m adding more variables to the mix by using a new shaft. And I don’t know if I should get the lie adjusted, so that the 5i would have the same lie 63.5* as the 7i. Any thoughts?

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 24, 2024