Hi Brit,

I have a question for you about KE4 Max swing weight. I’ve been testing out a KE4 Max with a DG 120 S300 shaft and a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip standard, and I’m having a golfer’s elbow as a result. I measured its swing weight with this calculator (438.8 grams and a balance of 28.8125 inches, the distance between the balance point and the butt end), and I got a D9. Is that typical?

I also measured the club without the 8 gram screw (430 grams and a balance of 28.625 inches). The calculator said D4~5. I haven’t tried to hit with this yet because I don’t want to aggravate the injury.

Do you have any recommendation for how to reduce the swing weight? Should I try a different shaft that’s heavier, like the DG S300? Or should I try a different head all together? Let me know. Thank you.


Britt Lindsey Answered question June 3, 2024