I’m considering upgrading irons and having trouble understanding the tradeoffs between the KE4 Max and the TS3s. I understand the differences in their specs (offset, loft, shape, MPF, price), but I am wondering if there are other things to consider that I am missing. The KE4 Max reminds more of what many companies market as a “Game Improvement” iron, and the TS3s look more like a “Players Iron”, and I hear how Players irons are more workable and consistent for better ball strikers. For instance, with my current modern “GI” irons, going from solid contact to absolutely flushed nets me about 10 yards and puts me frustratingly over a green. I have heard these “hot spots” are a down side to modern “GI” irons. Is there any truth to this? Would the KE4 Max have a higher chance of hot spots? Are the TS3s more workable? Or have I gone too far down the internet rabbit hole and is all this marketing nonsense?

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 26, 2023