Until I assemble my Maltby KE4 Forged irons later, I’m enjoying some older:

1999 Cobra — King Cobra II (oversize)

When I looked them up, both Maltby Playability Factor charts give them a

MPF:  115   ?

This is obviously either some kind of mistake or the MPF method has some odd chink in its armor and the K.C. 2 OS’s is falling through the cracks so that MPF doesn’t remotely reflect player experience on these.

They’re oversized, deep cavity backs with a modest, wide extra weight along the bottom of the cavity, peaking a little behind the sweet spot but not a lot. They’re (were) almost unanimously talked up by players of most skill levels.

A hack, I find them easier to hit than its successor the King Cobra 3400 I/XH listed as a MPF of 780, which is like you merely took the King Cobra II OS and injected some foam in the said broad, sweet spot-peaked weighted area. Not 665 MPF points worth it would seem.

I haven’t learned exactly how the score is tabulated…

Is anyone interested in looking at it and telling me if there’s a real score that can be gleaned (specs below)

These are far, far easier to play and more forgiving than clubs marked hundreds of points higher.

I lean toward call them SGI’s IMHO and limited experience, but definitely at least GI’s for sure.

Maltby’s MPF book with specs says:

  • Year1999
  • BrandCobra
  • Head Weight258
  • “C” Dimension1.030
  • Basic VCOG0.890
  • Moment of Inertia (MOI)13.62622
  • Actual RCOG0.450
  • Loft26
  • VCOG Adjustment-0.008
  • Actual VCOG0.882
  • VCOG Correction Factor-63
  • MOI Correction Factor0
  • Calculated Points85
  • MPF115