A guy I know was taking a look at my swing. He had spent a short three years on the PGA Tour about twenty years ago. He pulls my TS1-IM 7 iron out of the bag and says “what a beautiful club, who makes it”. I said it is a Maltby design, the design arm of GolfWorks. Ralph Maltby wrote the book about iron design that the PGA Professional have to read. He says “Well they know how to design clubs”. I told him it is a polymer filled iron. He studies the sole and says that is a beautiful sole, only Srixon has anything like it. The he launches some shots and says “That is solid”.

So I always wanted to know what a PGA player would think of Maltby designs and now I know. It was eye catching and passed every inspection.  I think I will introduce him the the TS4.

Anyway, Britt, I wanted to pass that along. I am sure you have some private evaluations from tour guys, but that was my experience.

Bill Answered question August 5, 2023