Played these in 50 Gram (actual 57) regular flex in my FW’s for 2 seasons , they were a huge improvement to deal with my declining swing swing speed. All woods are 2018 rogues.  Also switched at the same time to a 47 Gm PX Cypher 5.5 in my driver. In both cases I’d switched from the stock Evenflow stiff shafts.  Now Im finding my swing speed is lower yet, now under 80, and these regular shafts are too much.  On a recent trip I was able to put a PX Cypher 2.0 – 47 gram 5.0 shaft in my driver, sure enough it’s working well.  5.5 to 5.0 is half a flex I believe.

So my question is , can you tell me the CPM difference , with a 200 gram weight, between the HBP R and A shaft tested at 45” including weight? Trying to get a fix on flex difference

I realize the Cypher is a high launch shaft and the HBP is a mid launch, however I’m happy with the flight of each.  My Driver is at 9°.
And if you have the data, what’s the shaft profile comparison between the HBP and Cypher


Britt Lindsey Answered question February 9, 2024

Another question, given my situation what do you think of putting Cypher shafts in my FW’s?