Hi, I have the worst chip/pitch shots of anyone I know :(. I’ve been struggling for years, but recently found that my wife’s cheap sand wedge is much more reliable than my Vokey SM7 wedges, and I think it might be the overall weight of the club. My SM7 58* wedge is 480g, I’m guessing the shaft is about 120-130g. My wife’s wedge is a total of 400g, so I’m looking for a shaft that’s under 50g. All the graphite wedge shafts on golfworks.com are 110g+, and the lightest graphite iron shaft with a .355″ tip is UST Mamiya Recoil at 64g.

If I’m using this mostly for chip/pitch shots under 50 yards, does the shaft matter much? Can I use a graphite iron shaft instead of a wedge shaft? And are there any lighter shafts for a .355″ tip? I found the UST Mamiya 440 ESX iron shaft at 48g, but it’s only available with a .370″ tip.

Would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

statechamp Posted new comment June 12, 2022

I wonder if it’s the kickpoint of the shaft that you are liking on your wife’s club? It might be that it has a little bit of waggle/soft tip that makes you slow down and time it better?

Britt have you a few shaft suggestions but Aldila also makes a very light iron shaft in the NV line. Do not discount the L tech line of shafts as well. These are .370 tip shafts but could be sanded down to .355 easily to fit your wedges.

Your wedges could also be reemed to .370 and no tapering would be needed on the shafts.