I really like these irons, they seem to work for me better than any other. I have incomplete set of 6-GW and would like to complete it with matching 5i. Any club-makers here have some old stock kicking around you may want to sell?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, not sure where else to look for.


snowman9000 Answered question April 19, 2023

i have a 5-gap

Can you elaborate, please? Do you mean you have a set of 5-GW for sale? Or do you have any heads from 5 to GW available? I would love to buy a 5i head or the whole club.

Sorry been away a few days. I have a set, 5-gap. All have Score shafts

Would be willing to sell the head, whole club or the set, or all the heads.

This is great news. I only need 5i head, if you are willing to sell, please email me and we can sort out the details. Hope it is in decent shape. Just to confirm that we are talking about the same thing, i mean these heads: