I’m on my last set of Maxfli Revolutions which are really awesome irons imo. Sooner or later I will have to build a new set and it appears to me that the Maltby DMB or TE head is almost identical in looks and shape to the Maxfli Black Dot Revolutions. Seems I read somewhere that Roger Maltby consulted with Maxfli back in the day and may have designed or had a hand in the design of the Revolutions? Are the Maltby TE DMB irons basically this iron re-introduced in forged form versus the multi-layer chrome coated nickel of the Revolutions?

I’ve hit most of the new stuff and nothing beats the Revo’s in feel or performance imo. Just wondering if I can expect a close match in how the TE or DMB’s play and if you guys plan to keep carrying that design for the foreseeable future? I hope so as those seem to be the closest thing to my Revo’s at least based on looks.