I am in great anticipation for your new driver that is coming since it is a new mfg process.  I have been looking at driver shafts mostly the MRC tensei and the Paderson shafts. I thought about trying one but my driver is a different make, and I want to wait to see what you guys come out with before I buy a shaft and a hossel.  My main question is will your new driver use the same adjustable hossel as the st-2a?  I would be willing to by the old model in January if I knew I could change over shafts when the new driver comes out.

Also, any advice/info on the Paderson shafts?  I use an aldila phenom right now and it seems like it goes a little high but I carry anywhere from 255-270 depending on my swing speed/mishits that day.  I tried a TS3 with the 55 tensei shaft and was 275 carry, that is why I am looking at that.  I have never seen a Paderson shaft in a club at all, so would it really gain any advantages?  Is there a cheaper shaft that matches the tensei you would recommend?

Golfworks is AWESOME, Thanks for your support!!!